Sabah’s First Public EV Charging Station Launched by Regas Premium Sabah




Exciting Developments for Electric Vehicle Enthusiasts in Sabah

In a significant stride towards a greener and more sustainable future, Regas Premium Sabah proudly announces the inauguration of the state’s maiden public Electric Vehicle (EV) charging facility. Nestled within the basement of the T1 @ Bundusan parking garage, this pioneering initiative not only encourages EV adoption but also harmonizes seamlessly with governmental incentives aimed at propelling eco-friendly transportation alternatives.

Partnership with JomCharge: Driving Accessible and Practical Charging Solutions

In a pivotal move to address the escalating demand for environmentally-conscious transportation solutions nationwide, Regas Premium Sabah has solidified a strategic partnership with JomCharge, an esteemed trailblazer in the EV charging solutions sector. This collaboration is poised to create an all-encompassing charging network that remains accessible, convenient, and responsive to the surging interest in sustainable mobility options.

A Collaborative Approach for Expanding Charging Infrastructure:

BMW Group Malaysia’s Remarkable Contribution

Following the same ethos of fostering a sustainable ecosystem, BMW Group Malaysia has ushered in a new era by making over 1,000 charging stations available through its expansive network. Leveraging collaborations with industry stalwarts such as ChargEV and Yinson Greentech, more than 400 of these charging hubs have been made accessible to users.

Furthermore, this collaborative effort has enabled access to over 100 charging stations through the JomCharge partnership, exceeding 150 with Gentari, and approximately 160 through recent alliances with esteemed names like Shell Recharge with ParkEasy, ChargeN’Go, ChargeSini, Go To-U, and FlexiParking.

Forward Momentum: Expanding Charging Infrastructure

Setting an ambitious trajectory for the near future, the initiative is set to establish a network of over 100 BMW i and MINI charging stations at authorized dealerships and select partner locations nationwide. This visionary plan aligns perfectly with the strategic infrastructure growth strategy mapped out for the forthcoming year.

A Bright Future for Sustainable Mobility in Sabah

The unveiling of Sabah’s inaugural public EV charging station by Regas Premium Sabah signals a promising shift towards sustainable transportation alternatives. With strategic partnerships and a collaborative approach at its core, this initiative is poised to revolutionize the EV charging landscape, paving the way for a cleaner, greener future for all of Sabah’s residents.

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