Unveiling the All-New Civic: A Reimagined Legacy for a New Era



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Honda’s latest iteration of the Civic, unveiled in August 2021, has been a topic of fervent discussion among car enthusiasts. This blog article delves into the reception of the new Civic in its home market, addressing both the praise and criticism it has garnered.

A Shift in Perspective:

The sentiment of “those were the good old days” often emerges when a long-standing model introduces a new version. However, it’s time to move beyond comparisons and appreciate the unique attributes of the new Civic. The evolution of the Civic from its 6th to 10th generations is explored, revealing its transformation into a global compact.

Rediscovering the Essence:

With a focus on delivering a brisk and soothing driving experience, Honda took a purposeful approach in redefining the Civic for the modern era. The exterior design reflects a coupe-style aesthetic, while the interior combines noiseless horizontal design with sporty accents, creating a balanced ambiance.

Engine Dynamics and Performance:

Under the hood, a 1.5-liter inline-4 VTEC turbo engine powers the new Civic. Notable improvements in this generation include a refined turbocharger, enhanced cylinder heads, and reduced friction. The driving experience offers a smooth and direct acceleration, showcasing the vehicle’s refined power delivery.

Transmission Options:

Buyers have the choice between a 6-speed manual and a CVT. The manual transmission retains popularity, accounting for a significant portion of sales. For CVT models, Honda’s G-Design Shift technology ensures smoother acceleration and eliminates excessive revving.

Enhanced Chassis and Handling:

Building on the previous generation’s platform, the new Civic features an extended wheelbase, wider rear tread, and various chassis enhancements. These changes contribute to improved handling, stability, and overall driving dynamics, offering a more refined experience.

Innovative Safety Features:

The new Civic incorporates the latest generation of Honda Sensing, featuring enhanced Lane Keeping Assist System and advanced safety technologies. Comfort and quietness are emphasized, with meticulous attention to detail in suppressing unwanted sounds.


The latest Civic model not only boasts improved performance but also embodies a true “Civic-like” essence. With its refreshing concept and sensory-focused approach, it presents a redefined legacy for a new era. The article looks forward to the model’s 50th anniversary, hoping for the continued nurturing of the Civic legacy in Japan and beyond.

Price and Outlook:

The new Civic’s pricing and market positioning are evaluated, considering factors such as the starting price in different markets. The article concludes by emphasizing the significance of the evolving Civic model and its enduring impact on the automotive landscape.

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